How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

organizer-791939_1280Have you ever wanted something so bad and you tried to achieve it but after a couple of days you lost your motivation or maybe after months of trying and not getting what you wanted, you just gave up.

whether it’s losing weight, getting promoted, good grades at school, or anything else, there is a way that you can actually achieve your goals. You need a plan. and for a plan to work, you need to set your goal. I mean, really set it as you want it. Go grab a piece of paper and write your goal down as you read the post. Your goal should have these characteristics:

1-Specific and Measurable

Your goal should be specific. I’m gonna go with the example of losing weight in this case. Don’t just say that you want to lose weight. Write your goal down and describe it in details. use as many details as you can.

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to lose 5 kilograms and have a body fat percentage of 23.”

2-Attainable and Realistic

You should motivate yourself to accept this challenge and go for it. Challenging yourself is good; but be realistic about it. If you have a lot of free time so you can go to the gym everyday, and you have the option of eating what you want when you want it, you can say that you want to lose 5 kilograms in one month. But most of the times we do not have as much free time as we want or we have to eat whatever our family is having or eat in the cafeterias. DO NOT compare yourself with other people. If they are more successful than you in their goals, it does not certainly mean that they are more motivated or they are trying more. Maybe their life conditions are making it easier for them; maybe they have help. Just be realistic about your goal; otherwise you may lose your motivation. Use your experiences from the past and always remember that everyday will not be perfect.


Set a time for your goal. It should be realistic. But you have to set a time.

So now, instead of “I want to lose weight.”, you can say:

“I want to lose 5 kilograms and reach the body fat percentage of 23 in 2 and a half month.” You have set this goal according to the fact that you can go to the gym 2-3 times a day and you have to eat half of your meals at the cafeteria; and only the other half can be diet food. You have also considered that you have exams coming up so you will probably eat more chocolate than you should because.. you know… stress eating! and also sugar is brain fuel! 😀

The next thing you have to do is to set checkpoints. In one month you should have lost 2 kilograms. So set a checkpoint and see if you are moving according to your schedule.

The new semester will start in 2 months. I will set new goals. Academic goals, health goals, etc.; and I will share them with you guys ^_^ so follow me

In My View Ep.1

I watch a lot of series and movies and A LOT of youtube! I’ve reached the point that by watching one episode of a series, 10 minutes of a movie and just one video of a youtube channel, I can totally tell if it is worth watching or not. I can criticize something I watch in different categories.

I’m not saying I’m a professional critique or something! but I’ve decided to start this “In My View” series in which I get to talk about the movies or series that I’ve watched, tell you both my own point of view and the professional one.

First of all I want to start these series with discussing one of my most favorite series, Sherlock.


It’s basically the life and adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend, John Watson, and in each episode they solve a crime.

Although they solve crimes in every episode, and of course there are polices and more detectives involved, this series is not just one more crime series; there are less car chasing and action, and more mind games and surprises. In the first episode you become kinda familiar with the personalities of Sherlock and John, and also by the way that they both think; but the surprises never end. You get to know more and more about the methods of problem solving that are used by Sherlock, and the abilities that he has in every episode. John Watson may seem like an ordinary guy who just wants to have a normal life; but the truth is that he is more than that, and his mind craves solving crimes and complicated problems.

After the amazingness(!) of Sherlock and the fact that he can use his observational skills like 100 times more than a normal person, the second best feature of the series is the bromance(!) between Sherlock and John. You can feel that the feelings you have grown for the main characters, are the same as the ones they have grown for each other.

Sherlock is our hero, but he’s not perfect. at all. He needs his Watson!

I have to mention the fact that each episode is filmed with patience and hard work. 90 minutes episodes that each are much more enjoyable than a lot of movies. It is amazingly written, amazingly filmed, and amazingly played by a group of very talented people. I am one of those people who cannot sit through a single episode of a 45 minutes series. I easily get bored, both mentally and physically; but this series was the one that made me sit and watch all episodes ever made in 2 days.

The best combination of crime, biography, intelligence, and feelings. Sherlock.

My Study Secrets for Getting Straight A’s

coffee-smartphone-desk-penSince the school season is upon us I decided to share my study secrets with you.

These are the little tricks that could really help me improve my GPA. Now, I’m not gonna tell you about color coding or using post-its or using flash cards; because yes they are effective tips but I’m sure you’ve came across those tips like a thousand times. I want you to know that everyone is different and the tips that I’m giving here may or may not be helping you; but, if you’re anything like me, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR ACADEMIC LIFE!

1- Make a to-do list. No matter what!

This may be something that you’ve probably heard like a thousand times; but as I said if you are like me, this tip will completely help you.

Last semester, I was trying to improve my GPA, so I took like 9 lessons! All these subjects had either homeworks, papers, lab reports, etc. that needed to be done every week. so basically, I had a quite busy semester. One of the hardest thing was to remember all of the tasks that I needed to take care of. Without a to-do list, I would remember only like 70% of the tasks; and even if I could remember all my assignments, there was always a little task such as calling a friend, or something like that, that I always forgot to do. I had to hand in an average of 5 assignments each week; and the problem was always that even if I did the assignment, I couldn’t remember if I handed it or not; and going through all my papers and notebooks took me hours and there was always places that I forgot to look. soooo I HARDLY recommend using a to-do list. Now, if you keep a journal or a planner, you can simply use that as your to-do list. some may use post-its. But personally I prefer a Google Chrome extension called Momentum. This extension is sooo handy. It has a little to-do list in the bottom right and cause it opens every time I open a new tab, it’s always there and there is like no chance for me to forget my tasks. Also, it is really easy to use and add new tasks to your list.

2- No Coffee!

I used to drink lots and lots of coffee in order to stay awake and study; but later when I tried to get some sleep before my test or my class, my heart would go crazy and I couldn’t breathe; and after a month or two I realized that I was addicted to caffeine and that I’ve had 3 caffeine overdoses without even being aware of what is happening. I’m not saying quit drinking coffee; I’m just saying that there are other ways to stay awake while studying. You really don’t need caffeine.

What I do now instead of drinking coffee, is that I listen to instrumental music while studying. Music is the natural energy booster. Don’t take it for granted! Just find your favorite music that energizes you and just listen to that for a little bit.

The other method is that whenever I feel sleepy while studying, and I know that I’m supposed to stay awake, I just wash my face with really COLD water, open the window, stay in front of it and take 5 deeeeep breaths; I just wait there until my face is dry and I automatically feel energized.

3- You don’t have to write everything down!

If you are like me and you have to write every single fact while taking notes, these tips will seriously help you:

First of all, you MUST attend your classes because when you don’t, you spend HOURS AND HOURS studying.

Secondly, while studying, read your book any kind of source you have with your notebook CLOSED! This helps you to focus on what you’re reading instead of thinking “mmmm… what color should I use next!”; and whenever you come across a very important and new information, you open your notes and write it down instead of writing a bunch of old information that you already know.

4- Your Desk

It’s better for your desk to face a wall instead of a window or the room. This way you are less distracted. You may think that facing a window is better cause it provides light; but while facing a window, even the slightest change in light can distract you and make you think that “oh… the clouds! is it gonna rain?”. A desk lamp can privode light, too.

Also you need to keep your desk as empty as possible. I’m not saying organized, I’m saying EMPTY. because every single object on your desk is a source of distraction.

5- A Clock 

The only thing you need on your desk is a clock. With a clock in front of you, you can manage your time and feel the time while it’s passing. This helps you to focus and waste less time.

6- Social Media

Silence your phone and put it across the room while studying. If you have to study using your computer, I would say try and log out of all your social media accounts, but it’s time consuming and you will always find a way to procrastinate. So, I suggest an app on Chrome, called Strict Workflow. This app enforces a 25min/5min workflow by blocking the websites you do not need (which you can manage), in that 25 minutes.

This is it. I hope you like my study secrets and this will help you have a better semester. Tell me if you want me to share more about my academic life or not. love you all.

What to eat/drink to stay healthy?


Last year I lost nearly 10kgs. It was the first time that I was determined to become healthy; I was really feeling great about myself. even though you cannot feel the weight loss, when you put on your clothes and think “hmmm I need new clothes.” for the first time, it is the most beautiful feeling. you start to feel waaay more confident about yourself and believe me, it affects your whole life in every aspect.

Today I thought I share my diet secrets with you 🙂

1- A BIG breakfast

It is a known fact that having big breakfasts is essential but we all take it for granted. If you are like me and you have to leave home early in the morning, just prepare your breakfast the night before. Boil some eggs, wash your vegetables, make your sandwich and put them all in the fridge for the morning. I know cold breakfast is not the best but… being healthy has a price 😉

my breakfast was always one boiled egg without any bread + a black coffee. now I know that boiled egg tastes kinda… not nice without salt! but try and add the minimum amount of salt to your egg.

2- Snacks

I am a sweet tooth and everyday I crave ice cream badly! It was really hard to stay away from sweets.

as snacks I ate carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some fruit. but everyday I selected just one treat for myself. most of the time it was ice cream! but be careful, if you are giving yourself a treat, select the lightest one because most of the time, when you have your first bite of your treat, you feel like you don’t need the rest of it but you eat it anyway! so… yeah! looots and lots of fruits and light treats.

3- Water, water, water!

I know… I know! this is very popular! but believe me it is essential. just fill in a bottle and never ever keep it away from yourself. that way you always feel that you’re thirsty, even though you are not!

4- light meals

my meals were protein-based meals with some vegetables. I used to eat boiled chicken+boiled mushrooms with absolutely no fat in them. I used to slice some tomatoes beside my meal because you know… they’re delicious AND healthy! you don’t get that very often!

at nights, I used to eat lots and lots of raw vegetables with yogurt. sometimes I made my own fruity yogurt by slicing fruits (apples, peaches..) into a bowl and add yogurt and some cinnamon to it. it is delicious!

4- Drinks!

I drink lots of green tea every day. It boosts the metabolism and it’s super healthy. and of course they are available in any flavors soooo I’m pretty sure you can find a tea you will fall in love with!

I mentioned the importance of water above. now, what I did was that I sliced some lemons or cucumbers into my water for detox. also in the morning, before breakfast, slice some lemons along with a cinnamon stick inside a warm cup of water. this thing is amazing!

try and have your coffee black. also drinking juice and milk is something that I will absolutely recommend.

well… I hope you all liked this post. If you want me to do more health posts, just tell me in the comments and I will 🙂

love you all

Hello world!


Hello everyone ^_^

I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog for ages and now, here I am, writing my very first post on my blog.

What is my blog gonna be about?

Well I have many exciting plans for my future posts. It will mostly include organizational, planning and health related tips. I will share some of my drawings with you. and as I’m a professional series watcher (!), I’m planning on writing reviews of series or the movies that I watch.

I lost about 10kg last summer and I will share my diet and exercising habits with you. I will also share my makeup and fashion favorites with you every month. soooo you can say that thiis blog will include every single thing that you will want to read in a lifestyle blog. I hope you all like it here.

love 🙂