In My View Ep.1

I watch a lot of series and movies and A LOT of youtube! I’ve reached the point that by watching one episode of a series, 10 minutes of a movie and just one video of a youtube channel, I can totally tell if it is worth watching or not. I can criticize something I watch in different categories.

I’m not saying I’m a professional critique or something! but I’ve decided to start this “In My View” series in which I get to talk about the movies or series that I’ve watched, tell you both my own point of view and the professional one.

First of all I want to start these series with discussing one of my most favorite series, Sherlock.


It’s basically the life and adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend, John Watson, and in each episode they solve a crime.

Although they solve crimes in every episode, and of course there are polices and more detectives involved, this series is not just one more crime series; there are less car chasing and action, and more mind games and surprises. In the first episode you become kinda familiar with the personalities of Sherlock and John, and also by the way that they both think; but the surprises never end. You get to know more and more about the methods of problem solving that are used by Sherlock, and the abilities that he has in every episode. John Watson may seem like an ordinary guy who just wants to have a normal life; but the truth is that he is more than that, and his mind craves solving crimes and complicated problems.

After the amazingness(!) of Sherlock and the fact that he can use his observational skills like 100 times more than a normal person, the second best feature of the series is the bromance(!) between Sherlock and John. You can feel that the feelings you have grown for the main characters, are the same as the ones they have grown for each other.

Sherlock is our hero, but he’s not perfect. at all. He needs his Watson!

I have to mention the fact that each episode is filmed with patience and hard work. 90 minutes episodes that each are much more enjoyable than a lot of movies. It is amazingly written, amazingly filmed, and amazingly played by a group of very talented people. I am one of those people who cannot sit through a single episode of a 45 minutes series. I easily get bored, both mentally and physically; but this series was the one that made me sit and watch all episodes ever made in 2 days.

The best combination of crime, biography, intelligence, and feelings. Sherlock.