First day of last year!

Hi dears 🙂 I’m sorry for the long absence. I’m back today to talk about today! yes. Today I automatically woke up early-which never happens- and I wanna talk about my feelings for today.

This is the first day of my last year in university and I have high hopes for this semester specially. I really have to work hard to achieve my goals. This is the semester that I don’t have the luxury to mess up! This is my last and best chance to guarantee that I’ll have a future I want.

So… high number of really hard courses plus work plus working out plus writing blogs… I will need a serious plan. This post is just a reminder; a kind of honest talk with myself and of course you guys who are reading this. Tomorrow I’m gonna come up with a plan for getting organized and walk you through it in the next post. promise 🙂

wish me luck 🙂