Thought Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals


No matter how many hours you spend planning your way to your goals, there are always good days and bad days. We all lose our motivation and forget the big picture. It happens to me very often. I have developed some kind of ritual, some though management tips to get over my bad days and move on. I have never wrote them down, and I think this post can help me a lot, too.

Think back. Think about all the goals you wanted to achieve and you didn’t. write them, maybe. Think about every single one of them and the difference it would make if you achieved them. You would probably be in a whole other place. It’s amazing that how our every little decision changes our path.

Aren’t you a little angry? Don’t you a little bit hate yourself that you lost all those opportunities? That’s ok. Be mad. It’s actually good. Get mad at yourself. Because you didn’t lose weight because you felt like you had a bad day and deserved a cake; yeah, you fooled yourself like that and once you started, you couldn’t stop eating. Maybe after that you let go of your goal; didn’t go to the gym at all. Or maybe, you would be the top student in your class if it wasn’t for the “I don’t feel like studying” or “I’m not motivated”.

All these happened because you were not able to control yourself.

Get mad at yourself. Don’t you want to achieve what you want? Don’t you get tired of being okay? Don’t you wanna have a perfect life? When you see successful people and how happy and satisfied they are, don’t you wanna be one of them and feel the same way?

Put an end to being okay, to being an ordinary person who lives by the accidents. Be someone you WANT to be. create opportunities and achieve what you want. Let’s see how that would feel.

Whenever you feel like you’re gonna let go and you lose your motivation, just think about all these and maybe be mad at yourself. Believe me, it will keep you motivated for a long time! 😉


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