The Most Useful Android Apps EVER!


I use an android phone and one of the things that I do in my free time is to try out random apps! I’ve selected the ones that I am currently using and loving them! sooo here they are:

1- Memorado

Memorado is an app with a lot of brain exercises that help you improve your memory, etc. It has great graphics, a lot of different levels, and the best feature can be the fact that it shows you your results and improvements in graphs and specific statistics. Also you can personalize the games according to your desired achievements.


I used to use Duolingo’s website to learn Spanish and it really was helpful. I was happy to find out that the app is as good as the website. I have tried many language-learning websites and I have to say Duolingo is the best. Without devoting a lot of time you can easily learn a new language. The best features are the fact that it provides listening tasks, and also the fact that after a while it makes you go back and redo the old tasks so that you don’t forget anything.


With this app you can take a photo of a document and turn it into a PDF file. It has the ability to differ text from images, it has a high scan quality, and it provides editing options. I have to tell you, this kind of app comes really handy in school time. You know.. you miss a class, you need the notes.


Coursera is a website providing free online courses in any field. I believe their app is much more easier to use than their website. The courses are available in more than 25 subject areas and 12 languages. It is the best way to fill your free time. I personally use it when I’m waiting a friend, on a bus or just bored; instead of getting bored, I learn something.


I take a lot of courses in one semester and most of the time I lose track of what I’m supposed to write or study for the next day. I easily forget due dates and everything can get really messy! BUT, this app has its way to keep students organized. You can add your class schedules and homeworks. It is the best student planner for those of you who prefer using technology for planning your days.


Monefy is a financial app that helps you keep track of your expenses. You can add your budget, make categories for your expenses, and add as you spend. It comes really handy when money is tight and you have to save some money.

7-7 Weeks

7 Weeks is the simplest way to keep track of your goals. It helps you develop a habit and reach your goals. It has a little calendar for each one of your habits that you can mark everyday according to your achievements or failures.


This is a digital planner in which you can easily plan your day, set different routines and keep track of your tasks in your busy days. It is a really easy to use and organized app for everyone.


Wunderlist is a todo list which can be customized in any desired way. It has categories and categories under categories 😀  plus it is really easy to use and handy. It is just it!


Up is a smart fitness coach that helps you keep track of your diet, your workouts, sleep, etc. It actually helps you stay healthy. It is nice to have an app take care of you when you are busy 🙂

Are there any other apps that you like? Write them in the comments and let me know about them. maybe I’ll like them, too 🙂


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