What to Do in A DAY OFF! The Ultimate Challenge!


Most of us students are in our summer holidays. Most of us get bored easily. I prepared a list of activities you can do that never get old. Here is the challenge:

Day 1: Read a Short Book

Select a short story or a book and finish it in a day.

Day 2: Write Your Goals

Write your long-term goals. Break them into short-term goals; and finally break them into everyday steps; and start to do them today!

Day 3:  I’ve Always Wanted to…

Do whatever you always wanted to do but never started. Start your own blog, youtube channel, start painting, start knitting, make that meal you always wanted to make, etc.

Day 4: Watch a Good Movie

Select one good movie that you have not seen yet; and watch it!

Day 5: Go for a LOOOONG Walk

Walk and walk and walk… for hours!

Day 6: Explore!

If you like watching movies or series, explore 5 new ones to watch. Maybe 5 new books, magazines, Youtube channels, or blogs.

Day 7: Clean Up!

Wash all the dirty dishes, clothes and clean up your room or apartment.

Day 8: Face the Fear

Face one of your fears or do one of the things that you thought you would never do. For me this  could be dying my hair! or getting a piercing.

Day 9: Eat All RAW!

Eat raw food. Let’s see how does it feel.

Day 10: Select

Select which one of the challenges you want to do again. Complete the incomplete ones.


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