A Little Update

Hey guys, just want to update you on what I’m doing and what I will be posting. These days I’m really into health and fitness and healthy diets and everything. Also I’m trying bullet journaling which is fun. I will be sharing my gym routine, my recipes and also my journal. comment down below and tell me anything you want to see on this blog.

See you tomorrow


I’m Back…ish!

WOW! Its crazy that my last post was 8 months ago. I’ve been reaaaally busy since then and I’m trying to graduate and all that stuff bla bla…!

Tonight, I’m wearing my oversized pajamas, I’m under my super soft blanket eating chocolate and basically procrastinating because I really need to study but I really don’t want to! anyway… while eating my last piece of chocolate, I decided to come here and write. basically I want to write about my bucketlist. Well not the entire list; just one thing that has been on my mind for a long time now.

I really want to start filming my own youtube videos. I’ve got a lot of interests but I really don’t see myself in a position to make videos about any of them. I love drawing and I do a little bit of drawing everyday; but there are people drawing and painting like Da Vinci, and compared to them, I’m quite ordinary. My other interest is actually anything geeky! seriously! I’m obsessed with Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Sherlock series, Game of Thrones, Batman, etc. and I can say that I know quite a lot of facts about each of them; but I really have no idea how to make videos out of them. this is me basically asking for your opinions! so if you came across any ideas while reading this, please leave a comment because this is number one on my bucketlist.

Thank you sooo much for reading this post til the end ^_^ love you all

First day of last year!

Hi dears 🙂 I’m sorry for the long absence. I’m back today to talk about today! yes. Today I automatically woke up early-which never happens- and I wanna talk about my feelings for today.

This is the first day of my last year in university and I have high hopes for this semester specially. I really have to work hard to achieve my goals. This is the semester that I don’t have the luxury to mess up! This is my last and best chance to guarantee that I’ll have a future I want.

So… high number of really hard courses plus work plus working out plus writing blogs… I will need a serious plan. This post is just a reminder; a kind of honest talk with myself and of course you guys who are reading this. Tomorrow I’m gonna come up with a plan for getting organized and walk you through it in the next post. promise 🙂

wish me luck 🙂

Thought Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals


No matter how many hours you spend planning your way to your goals, there are always good days and bad days. We all lose our motivation and forget the big picture. It happens to me very often. I have developed some kind of ritual, some though management tips to get over my bad days and move on. I have never wrote them down, and I think this post can help me a lot, too.

Think back. Think about all the goals you wanted to achieve and you didn’t. write them, maybe. Think about every single one of them and the difference it would make if you achieved them. You would probably be in a whole other place. It’s amazing that how our every little decision changes our path.

Aren’t you a little angry? Don’t you a little bit hate yourself that you lost all those opportunities? That’s ok. Be mad. It’s actually good. Get mad at yourself. Because you didn’t lose weight because you felt like you had a bad day and deserved a cake; yeah, you fooled yourself like that and once you started, you couldn’t stop eating. Maybe after that you let go of your goal; didn’t go to the gym at all. Or maybe, you would be the top student in your class if it wasn’t for the “I don’t feel like studying” or “I’m not motivated”.

All these happened because you were not able to control yourself.

Get mad at yourself. Don’t you want to achieve what you want? Don’t you get tired of being okay? Don’t you wanna have a perfect life? When you see successful people and how happy and satisfied they are, don’t you wanna be one of them and feel the same way?

Put an end to being okay, to being an ordinary person who lives by the accidents. Be someone you WANT to be. create opportunities and achieve what you want. Let’s see how that would feel.

Whenever you feel like you’re gonna let go and you lose your motivation, just think about all these and maybe be mad at yourself. Believe me, it will keep you motivated for a long time! 😉

Me Time

These days I am in some kind o weird holiday 😀 I don’t have any classes but I’m having a part-time job of teaching, I also try to improve my blog and I’m trying to get in touch with my professors to work with them and gain experience; and somewhere in this mess, I’m supposed to enjoy my last days of holiday until the classes begin. How? well, I call it the “me time”. This is a very important part of my day. It helps me relax today and have a nice sleep at night, it also boosts your energy for the next day. You cannot believe how different you will be the next morning. You will feel optimistic, happy, energetic and full of hope.

If you have stressful days and you have to get a lot done everyday, just follow this ritual every night.

When I come to my dorm room from a long day, I kick my shoes off, maybe take a long and relaxing bath with some candles and relaxing music


even a simple shower will do. Once I feel clean and fresh, I put on my most comfortable clothes, I try to wear something warm and comfortable; do not wear tights or T-shirts; go for something more comfortable like over sized shorts and sweaters and a pair of cozy socks. I prefer to put my hair down because when my hair is up, I feel like my head is under pressure. My favorite part is making some herbal tea…

water-flowers-drink-potit helps me calm down and relax. I love coffee, but it’s usually no help for relaxing. There are so many different tea flavors; I’m sure you can find a flavor that you like. My personal favorite is lemon flavored green tea. Oh my god! it’s just all-in-one for me. It is soft, fresh, tastes and smells good and so relaxing.

Here’s a tip,

just let go of anything that happened that day. Don’t think about anything except this moment and that how grateful you are for it. just do whatever that makes you relax. listen to music, watch your favorite show again and again. whatever makes you happy. If you have a relaxing place outside, grab a book and go out. just like I did…


The Most Useful Android Apps EVER!


I use an android phone and one of the things that I do in my free time is to try out random apps! I’ve selected the ones that I am currently using and loving them! sooo here they are:

1- Memorado

Memorado is an app with a lot of brain exercises that help you improve your memory, etc. It has great graphics, a lot of different levels, and the best feature can be the fact that it shows you your results and improvements in graphs and specific statistics. Also you can personalize the games according to your desired achievements.


I used to use Duolingo’s website to learn Spanish and it really was helpful. I was happy to find out that the app is as good as the website. I have tried many language-learning websites and I have to say Duolingo is the best. Without devoting a lot of time you can easily learn a new language. The best features are the fact that it provides listening tasks, and also the fact that after a while it makes you go back and redo the old tasks so that you don’t forget anything.


With this app you can take a photo of a document and turn it into a PDF file. It has the ability to differ text from images, it has a high scan quality, and it provides editing options. I have to tell you, this kind of app comes really handy in school time. You know.. you miss a class, you need the notes.


Coursera is a website providing free online courses in any field. I believe their app is much more easier to use than their website. The courses are available in more than 25 subject areas and 12 languages. It is the best way to fill your free time. I personally use it when I’m waiting a friend, on a bus or just bored; instead of getting bored, I learn something.


I take a lot of courses in one semester and most of the time I lose track of what I’m supposed to write or study for the next day. I easily forget due dates and everything can get really messy! BUT, this app has its way to keep students organized. You can add your class schedules and homeworks. It is the best student planner for those of you who prefer using technology for planning your days.


Monefy is a financial app that helps you keep track of your expenses. You can add your budget, make categories for your expenses, and add as you spend. It comes really handy when money is tight and you have to save some money.

7-7 Weeks

7 Weeks is the simplest way to keep track of your goals. It helps you develop a habit and reach your goals. It has a little calendar for each one of your habits that you can mark everyday according to your achievements or failures.


This is a digital planner in which you can easily plan your day, set different routines and keep track of your tasks in your busy days. It is a really easy to use and organized app for everyone.


Wunderlist is a todo list which can be customized in any desired way. It has categories and categories under categories 😀  plus it is really easy to use and handy. It is just it!


Up is a smart fitness coach that helps you keep track of your diet, your workouts, sleep, etc. It actually helps you stay healthy. It is nice to have an app take care of you when you are busy 🙂

Are there any other apps that you like? Write them in the comments and let me know about them. maybe I’ll like them, too 🙂

What to Do in A DAY OFF! The Ultimate Challenge!


Most of us students are in our summer holidays. Most of us get bored easily. I prepared a list of activities you can do that never get old. Here is the challenge:

Day 1: Read a Short Book

Select a short story or a book and finish it in a day.

Day 2: Write Your Goals

Write your long-term goals. Break them into short-term goals; and finally break them into everyday steps; and start to do them today!

Day 3:  I’ve Always Wanted to…

Do whatever you always wanted to do but never started. Start your own blog, youtube channel, start painting, start knitting, make that meal you always wanted to make, etc.

Day 4: Watch a Good Movie

Select one good movie that you have not seen yet; and watch it!

Day 5: Go for a LOOOONG Walk

Walk and walk and walk… for hours!

Day 6: Explore!

If you like watching movies or series, explore 5 new ones to watch. Maybe 5 new books, magazines, Youtube channels, or blogs.

Day 7: Clean Up!

Wash all the dirty dishes, clothes and clean up your room or apartment.

Day 8: Face the Fear

Face one of your fears or do one of the things that you thought you would never do. For me this  could be dying my hair! or getting a piercing.

Day 9: Eat All RAW!

Eat raw food. Let’s see how does it feel.

Day 10: Select

Select which one of the challenges you want to do again. Complete the incomplete ones.